Stanford Seminar - Thesis Defense: Designing in-situ Interaction with Ubiquitous Robots

February 7, 2020

Lawrence Kim Stanford University January 31, 2020 As robots begin to operate in our personal space and collaborate with us, it is important to investigate how to implement seamless integration of robots to assist humans in every aspect of life. Swarms of cm-scale non-anthropomorphic robots are particularly interesting as their appearance and size enable seamless transition between blending into the environment, becoming "invisible" to users, and performing everyday tasks such as object manipulation through collective means. My research aims toward building and designing human-centered multi-robot platforms that prioritize in-situ interaction with users over task-oriented objectives such as completion time. Specifically, I investigated how to layer expressiveness and intent on top of existing swarm robot motion and sought to understand how humans naturally communicate with and through many robots. Learn more about Stanford's Human-Computer Interaction Group: Learn about Stanford's Graduate Certificate in HCI: View the full playlist:

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